Hello and welcome to Tidy Pro; the education and development programme for aspiring producers, DJs and anyone interested in the Music Industry. 

Taking in 25 years of knowledge and experience in the Music Industry, our aim is to give you a unique learning experience connecting you directly with our artists and music industry professionals. 

Every month we offer a range of courses from music production to DJ skills, record label management to graphic design, and many more topics and subjects from within our world. 

From bite sized Masterclasses to In-depth courses covering specific curriculums; Tidy Pro is your first stop for learning from the people that have helped create one of the biggest and most loved music genres in dance music. 

Enjoy and please remember to always Keep it Tidy. 

Andy & Amo x 

  • Home Learning

    Learn essential skills from across the music industry from the comfort of your own home!

  • Industry Professionals

    Direct guidance from the Tidy team, the artists and music industry professionals.

  • Broad range of subjects

    From music production to DJ management and graphic design; Tidy Pro brings in expert tutoring from across the board

  • All skill sets welcome

    From complete beginner to seasoned professional; Tidy Pro is for everyone regardless of your experience level