tidyPRO - your direct link to the artists & the Tidy team.

tidyPro is a brand new series of educational courses from world-renowned record label and brand Tidy Trax.

tidyPro has been created to find and nurture the next generation of artists & to pass on the knowledge gained from 25 years experience in the music business. Tidy Pro is perfect for anyone that has ever wanted to learn how to make the next club anthem, to understand what it takes to become an established artist and to find out how one of the most successful and revered brands in the history of dance music operates. Brought to you by the very people behind the brand, the anthems and the events that have helped create the harder generation.
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tidyPRO : 25 years of experience

Want to know how to produce the next big club anthem? What it takes to become an established recording artist? How to operate a successful record label, brand or event?

  • Learn from established artists & professionals

  • Direct one 2 one feedback from the official tidy team

  • Expert guidance and advice on what it takes to make it in the music industry

"The future of Tidy and our scene in general depends on a balance between our established talent continuing to innovate and entertain and the ability to bring new talent through with a fresh sound and approach. With Tidy Pro we will be able to bring our established talent together to support and teach people of any level, the skills and knowhow they will need to breakthrough as a dj, producer, promotor or record label owner, and of course the added value for all our students will be the direct links into our labels and events. Exciting times ahead!" - Andy Pickles (Tidy Boys)

A Dance Music Legend

We are proud to announce Anne Savage as one of our ambassadors. Anne adds a wealth of experience to the platform and will be hosting a number of courses in the coming months. Anne will also be championing our cause to bring more women into the music industry through our online courses.