See how NG Rezonance works in the studio!

One of hard trance biggest names opens his studio doors...

  • 2 hour webinar with NG Rezonance

  • Learn how to build a drum track to create driving percussion

  • Learn how to create and layer a driving rolling bassline

  • Learn how to sequence an acid line

  • Learn how to write an intro riff

  • Learn how to EQ each element of the track to create space in the mix

  • Learn about sound selection and layering to achieve the biggest possible sound

  • Webinar hosted by Anne Savage

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A special insight into how some of the biggest artists in hard dance work and create music. Essential for any producer or fan wanting a unique view into how your favourite tracks are made.

Join us on Monday 16th May 2022 @ 7pm GMT

This is a 2 hour webinar with one of hard trance's most prolific producers

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